With Clousures

We have created some cool context methods to allow for the prefixing of any of the addRoute() arguments by using what we call with closures. This allows you to prefix repetitive patterns in route declarations. The best way to see how it works is by example:

addRoute(pattern="/news", handler="public.news", action="index");
addRoute(pattern="/news/recent", handler="public.news", action="recent");
addRoute(pattern="/news/removed", handler="public.news", action="removed");
addRoute(pattern="/news/add/:title", handler="public.news", action="add");
addRoute(pattern="/news/delete/:slug", handler="public.news", action="remove");
addRoute(pattern="/news/v/:slug", handler="public.news", action="view");

As you can see from the routes above, we have lots of repetitive code that we can clean out. So let's look at the same routes but using some nice with closures.

with(pattern="/news", handler="public.news")
  .addRoute(pattern="/", action="index")
  .addRoute(pattern="/recent", action="recent")
  .addRoute(pattern="/removed", action="removed")
  .addRoute(pattern="/add/:title",  action="add")
  .addRoute(pattern="/delete/:slug", action="remove")
  .addRoute(pattern="/v/:slug", action="view")

As you can see, we start our URL mapping DSL with the with() method and pass in any argument the addRoute() method declares. In this case we pass a pattern and a handler. Meaning any addRoute() method that is concatenated in the with closure will be prefixed with that pattern and handler. Once we concatenate the last addRoute(), then we finalize the closure with the .endWith() demarcation. BOOM! The patterns look so much manageable and declarable. The arguments you can use for prefixing or defaulting are:

Argument Description
pattern The URL pattern prefix
handler The handler prefix
action The action prefix
matchVariables The match variables prefix
view The view prefix
constraints The constraints to prefix
module The module prefix
namespace The namespace prefix

Caution It is extremely important that you close the with closures with an endWith() call or all subsequent addRoutes() calls, will be using the last with closure you declared.

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