The logBox structure is based on the LogBox declaration DSL, see the LogBox Documentation for much more information.
//LogBox DSL
logBox = {
// The configuration file without fileextension to use for operation, instead of using this structure
configFile = "config/LogBox",
// Appenders
appenders = {
appenderName = {
name = value,
prop2 = value 2
// Root Logger
root = {levelMin="FATAL", levelMax="DEBUG", appenders="*"},
// Granualr Categories
categories = {
"coldbox.system" = { levelMin="FATAL", levelMax="INFO", appenders="*"},
"model.security" = { levelMax="DEBUG", appenders="console"}
// Implicit categories
debug = ["coldbox.system.interceptors"],
info = ["model.class", "model2.class2"],
warn = ["model.class", "model2.class2"],
error = ["model.class", "model2.class2"],
fatal = ["model.class", "model2.class2"],
off = ["model.class", "model2.class2"]
Info : If you do not define a logBox DSL structure, the framework will look for the default configuration file config/LogBox.cfc. If it does not find it, then it will use the framework's default logging settings.
You can use a configuration CFC instead of inline configuration by using this setting. The default value is config/LogBox.cfc, so by convention you can just use that location. If no values are defined or no config file exists, the default configuration file is coldbox/system/web/config/LogBox.cfc.
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