System Settings (Java Properties and Environment Variables)

ColdBox makes it easy to access the configuration stored in your Java system properties and your server's environment variables, even if you don't know which one it is in! Three methods are provided for your convenience:



( key, defaultValue )

Looks for key in properties first, env second. Returns the defaultValue if neither exist.


( key, defaultValue )

Returns the Java System property for key. Returns the defaultValue if it does not exist.


( key, defaultValue )

Returns the server environment variable for key. Returns the defaultValue if it does not exist.

Accessing System Settings in config/ColdBox.cfc or a ModuleConfig.cfc

If you are inside config/ColdBox.cfc or a ModuleConfig.cfc or a config/WireBox.cfc you can use the three system settings functions directly! No additional work required.

Accessing System Settings in Application.cfc

If you would like to access these methods in your Application.cfc, create an instance of coldbox.system.core.delegates.Env and access them off of that component. This is required when adding a datasource from environment variables.



component {

    variables.env = new coldbox.system.core.delegates.Env();

    this.datasources[ "my_datasource" ] = {
        driver = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_DRIVER" ),
        host = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_HOST" ),
        port = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_PORT" ),
        database = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_DATABASE" ),
        username = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_USERNAME" ),
        password = env.getSystemSetting( "DB_PASSWORD" )


Accessing System Settings in other files

If you need to access these configuration values in other components, consider adding the values to your ColdBox settings and injecting the values into your other components via dependency injection.

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