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Object Scopes

You can very easily add persistence to your model+ objects via our annotations or binder configuration. The available scopes are:
  • transient or no scope : The default scope. Meaning objects have no scope, they are recreated every single time you request them.
  • singleton : Objects are created once and live until your Application expires
  • cachebox : You can store your objects in any CacheBox provider and even provide timeouts for them
  • session : Store them in the ColdFusion session scope
  • server : Store them in the ColdFusion server scope
  • request : Store them in the ColdFusion request scope
  • application : Store them in the ColdFusion application scope
  • CUSTOM : You can build your own scopes as well.
// transient
component name="MyService"{}
// singleton
component name="MyService" singleton{}
// cache in default provider
component name="MyService" cache="true" cacheTimeout="45" cacheLastAccessTimeout="15"{}
// cache in another provider
component name="MyService" cachebox="MyProvider" cacheTimeout="45"{}
// request scope
component name="MyService" scope="request"{}
// session
component name="MyService" scope="session"{}
Hint Pease note that using annotations is optional, you can configure every object in our configuration binder as well.