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Learn how to configure ColdBox according to your needs beyond the conventions.
In this area we will learn how to configure ColdBox programmatically via the config/ColdBox.cfc file. Most of the configurations in ColdBox are pre-set thanks to it's conventions over configuration approach. So the majority of settings are for fine-grained control, third-party modules and more.
ColdBox relies on conventions instead of configurations.
If you make changes to any of the main configuration files you will need to re-initialize your application for the settings to take effect.

Re-initializing an Application

Please note that anytime you make any configuration changes or there are things in memory you wish to clear out, you will be using a URL action that will tell the ColdBox Bootstrapper to reinitialize the application. This special URL variable is called fwreinit and can be any value or a specific password you setup in the ColdBox configuration directive.
// reinit with no password
// reinit with password
You can also use CommandBox CLI to reinit your application if you are using its embedded server:
$ coldbox reinit