The Event Handlers

Last updated 11 months ago

The event handlers that you will produce for remote interaction are exactly the same as your other handlers, with the exception that they have a return type and return data back to the caller; our proxies. Then our proxies can strong type the return data elements:


function getCacheKeys(event,rc,prc){
return getCache( rc.cacheProvider ).getKeys();
function listUsers(event,rc,prc){ = userService.list();
if( event.isProxyRequest() ){

Hint The request context has a method called isProxyRequest() which tells the application if the request is coming from a ColdBox proxy.


array function getCachekEys(string cacheProvider='default'){
arguments.event = "proxy.getCacheKeys";
return process(argumentCollection=arguments);
string function getUsersJSON(){
arguments.event = "proxy.listUsers";
return serializeJSON( process(argumentCollection=arguments) );