HTML Helper


The HTML Helper is a core ColdBox CFC that abstracts the creation of any HTML entity. It provides consistent and secure rendering of HTML within ColdBox applications.


Please check out the latest CFC Docs for all the methods available to the HTML Helper.

There is no special setup needed to use it in a ColdBox application, it's already baked in. Just reference the object by the html prefix and call the desired function within any layout or view.

#html.button(name = "searchView", value = "View")#

// HTML Output
<button name="searchView" id="searchView" type="button">View<button>

By specifying the name of the element and not the id, both attributes are output using the same value. You can specify a different value for the id attribute by explicitly defining it.

// CFML w/ differnet name and id
#html.button(name = "searchView", id="id_searchView", value = "View")#

// HTML Output
<button name="searchView" id="id_searchView" type="button">View<button>

You can also pass in any attribute to the registered functions and if it does not match an argument it is passed through into the HTML element:

// CFML w/ differnet name and id
  name = "searchView", 
  value = "View",
  class = "btn btn-default"

// HTML Output
  class="btn btn-default">

Injecting the HTML Helper

You can inject the HTML helper anywhere you like by using the following registered mapping: HTMLHelper@coldbox

property name="html" inject="HTMLHelper@coldbox";

Note: For interceptors or cases when and object is created before Coldbox activates the HTML Helper module, use the provider: injection as follows:

property name="html" inject="provider:HTMLHelper@coldbox"; 

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