What is ColdBox

ColdBox is a conventions-based MVC framework for ColdFusion (CFML). It is fast, scalable, and runs on CFML engines such as Adobe ColdFusion and the open source CFML engine Lucee, for a completely free and open source development stack. ColdBox itself is Professional Open Source Software, backed by Ortus Solutions which provides support, training, architecture, consulting and commercial additions.

ColdBox was the first ColdFusion (CFML) framework to embrace Conventions Over Configuration and comes with a modular architecture to enhance developer and team productivity. It integrates seamlessly with CommandBox CLI to provide you with REPL interfaces, package management, console development, testing, and automation.

Here’s a look at some of the core components of the ColdBox platform. Each of these come bundled with the framework, but are also available as separate stand-alone libraries that can be used in ANY ColdFusion application or framework:


Managing your domain objects has never been easier with this Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control (IOC) framework. WireBox supports all forms of injection as well as maintaining persistence for your domain objects. WireBox can also interface and provide Java classes, web services, and aspects of the ColdBox framework itself. WireBox also has built-in Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) support; you’ll never need another Dependency Injection engine again.


This is a highly-configurable logging library which can be set up to relay messages of different types from any portion of your application to any number of predefined logging appenders.


A highly-versatile caching aggregator and enterprise cache that allows for multiple named caching stores as well as granular control over cache behaviors and eviction policies. CacheBox can interface out of the box with Ehcache, Adobe ColdFusion cache, and any Lucee cache.

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