What's New With 7.1.0

August 3, 2023

This is a minor release with tons of updates and bug fixes.

Scheduled Tasks Debugging

You can now add a debug argument to your task definitions, and your console will add tons of debugging for your tasks:

task( name : "My Task", debug : true )

toRedirectTo() Matcher

You can now use this matcher to test relocations in a nice fluent expectation:

expect( event ).toRedirectTo( "main.index" )

REST on{errorType}Exception() Convention

Thanks to our very own Gavin Pickin you can now create exception handlers in your REST Handlers that follow the on{type}Exception() convention and you can listen to specific error type exceptions:

function onTypeMismatchException( event, rc, prc )

Release Notes

The full release notes per library can be found below. Just click on the library tab and explore their release notes:


  • COLDBOX-1233 Exception bean can't cast `"i"` to a number value

New Feature

  • COLDBOX-1229 Added debug argument to ScheduleExecutor and Scheduler when creating tasks for consistency

  • COLDBOX-1230 Reorganized ScheduledTasks functions within the CFC into code groups and comments

  • COLDBOX-1235 New StringUtil.prettySQL method for usage in debugging and whoops reports

  • COLDBOX-1238 New testing matcher: toRedirectTo for easier testing against relocations

  • COLDBOX-1239 New REST convention for custom error handlers: `on{errorType}Exception()`


  • COLDBOX-1041 Logging category in ColdBox scheduler is generic

  • COLDBOX-1231 Improve RestHandler Exception handler with on#ExceptionType#Exception() convention

  • COLDBOX-1234 Account for null or empty incoming json to prettyjson output

  • COLDBOX-1236 Incorporate appName into the appHash to give more uniqueness to locks internally


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