Clearing the View Cache


If you use any of the view partial caching mechanisms in Coldbox either through setView() orrenderView() you might be asking yourself:
Is there an easy, programmatic way to remove a specific element from the view cache?
The answer is, of course! All view and event caching occurs in a cache provider called template and you can retrieve it like so from your handlers, layouts, views, plugins and interceptors:
var cache = cachebox.getCache("template");
You can also use the WireBox injection DSL
property name="cache" inject="cachebox:template"

Clearing methods

There are a few methods that will help you clear views:
  • clearView(viewSnippet) - Clear views with a snippet
  • clearAllViews(async) - Clear all views
  • clearViewMulti(viewSnippets) - Clear multiple view snippets with a list or array of snippets
getCache( "template" ).clearView('home');
Very easy! Just send in what you need and it will be purged.
Last modified 1yr ago