Module Inception

ColdBox 4 allows you to nest modules within modules up to the Nth degree. You can package a module with other modules that can even contain other modules within them. It really opens a great opportunity for better packaging, delivery and a further break from monolithic applications. To use, just create a modules folder in your module and drop the modules there as well. You can also just create a box.json in the root of your module and let CommandBox manage your module dependencies. Here is an example of the ColdBox ORM Module:
"name" : "ColdBox ORM Extensions",
"version" : "1.0.3",
"author" : "Luis Majano <[email protected]",
"slug" : "cborm",
"type" : "modules",
"homepage" : "",
"documentation" : "",
"repository" : { "type" : "git", "url" : "" },
"shortDescription" : "Enhances the ColdFusion ORM with tons of utilities.",
"license" : [
{ "type" : "Apache2", "url" : "" }
"contributors" : [
"Brad Wood <[email protected]>", "Curt Gratz <[email protected]>", "Joel Watson <[email protected]>"
"dependencies" :{
"cbvalidation" : "1.0.2"
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