Release Notes

Release Notes for ColdBox 7.0.0

The full release notes per library can be found below. Just click on the library tab and explore their release notes:


COLDBOX-1079 Router resources doesn't seem to respect group() closures

COLDBOX-1100 Event Caching Does Not Preserve HTTP Response Codes

COLDBOX-1133 `getFullURL` encodes the query string when it should not.

COLDBOX-1136 Scoping lookup bug in Lucee affects route()

COLDBOX-1138 Event Cache Response Has Status Code of 0 (or Null)

COLDBOX-1139 make event caching cache keys lower cased to avoid case issues when clearing keys

COLDBOX-1143 render inline PDF (CB 6.8.1) throws a 500 error

COLDBOX-1145 RestHandler OnError() Exception not checking for empty `exception` blocks which would cause another exception on development ONLY

COLDBOX-1146 BiConsumer proxy was making both arguments required, when they can be null so execution fails

COLDBOX-1149 Woops and Adobe CF needs a double check if session/client is defined even if sessionManagement/clientManagement is defined

COLDBOX-1150 virtual app controller scoping is missing on ocassion due to this.load|unload flags

COLDBOX-1151 Integration Tests do not support NoRender()

COLDBOX-1153 RestHandler.cfc missing exception information on InvalidCredentials & TokenInvalidException

COLDBOX-1154 Invalid DateFormat Mask in Whoops.cfm

COLDBOX-1173 Update the Router.cfc to look at not only the cgi host but the forwarded hosts

COLDBOX-1175 calling function "view" from within function which has an argument named "view" causes error.

COLDBOX-1176 viewLocations struct does not exist in function renderer.layout() on line 684 if nolayout = true

COLDBOX-1191 Attempts to use `getHTMLBaseURL()` inside of Async Task Fail on ACF

COLDBOX-1193 Missing java casting on arrayRange() method ont the asyncmanager

COLDBOX-1194 Ensure modules are applied to routing action structs when necessary #243

COLDBOX-1196 Render collections items and counter variables are not thread safe since we migrated to a singleton renderer

COLDBOX-1202 urlMatches in the request context does not account for the path to be larger than the requested uri

COLDBOX-1204 Overridden events in preProcess interceptions assume event cache configuration of original request

COLDBOX-1211 Base Model and Interceptor Tests where overriding application.wirebox in integration tests

COLDBOX-1213 Var scoping issue on `includeUDF` in the super type


COLDBOX-1029 ModuleAwareness : Wirebox Injector Lookup Should Check Current Module First

COLDBOX-1155 Implement abort logic onAuthenticationFailure on RESTHandler

COLDBOX-1157 Reuse existing controller in getMockRequestContext()

COLDBOX-1159 JSON Serialization in `forAttribute` Does Not Support ACF Prefixing

COLDBOX-1171 Do not allow injection of the same applicatio helper on the same target

COLDBOX-1177 Please add more debugging info to REST handler

COLDBOX-1184 When whoops error template defaults to public for non-dev, the messaging is very confusing

COLDBOX-1185 ColdBox DebugMode with inDebugMode() helper

COLDBOX-1190 Reworking of several rest handler exception methods so they log the issues instead of announcing `onException` events and announce their appropriate events , onAuthenticationFailure, onAuthorizationFailure, onValidationException, onEntityNotFoundException

COLDBOX-1195 ColdBox Proxy should ignore the routing service captures to avoid redirects or returns

COLDBOX-1210 encapsulate route finding by name to the actual router itself

COLDBOX-1214 Compatibility layer for env methods in the Util object: getSystemSetting(), getSystemProperty(), getEnv()

New Feature

COLDBOX-1022 Allow for Flash RAM to use a third party provided tracking variable via the new setting identifierProvider

COLDBOX-1039 Allow unregistering closure listeners

COLDBOX-1077 Provide ability for handlers/interceptors/etc. to have inherent self-knowledge of the module they live in for modulesettings/moduleConfig injections

COLDBOX-1137 Allow passing interception point first in interceptor listen() method

COLDBOX-1140 Whoops updates galore! SQL Syntax highlighting, json formatting and highlighting, and more

COLDBOX-1141 New Flow delegate helpers for functional usage everywhere in ColdBox land

COLDBOX-1142 New convention for module setting overrides: config/{moduleName}.cfc

COLDBOX-1147 PostLayoutRender and PostViewRender now pass which view/layout path was used to render

COLDBOX-1148 postEvent now get's new interceptData: ehBean, handler and data results

COLDBOX-1152 this.unloadColdBox is false now as the default thanks to the virtual test app

COLDBOX-1158 New `back()` function in super type that you can use to redirect back to your referer or a fallback

COLDBOX-1161 new toJson() helper in the Util class which is delegated in many locations around the framework to add struct based query serialization and no dubm security prefixes

COLDBOX-1162 Add in functionality to exclude patterns via router's findRoute()

COLDBOX-1164 New convention for coldfusion tags: includes/tags. Every ColdBox app will register that location as a repository for custom tags for your application

COLDBOX-1166 Lazy loading and persistence of engine helper to assist in continued performance and initial load speed

COLDBOX-1167 New core delegates for smaller building blocks, which leverages the `@coreDelegates` namespace

COLDBOX-1168 New coldbox based delegates mapped with `@cbDelegates`

COLDBOX-1172 core json utils now include a prettyJson() and a toPrettyJson() utilities

COLDBOX-1174 New getEnv() method on the base test class to get access to the env delegate for inquiring for env and java properties

COLDBOX-1178 ChronoUnit becomes the official cb Date Time Helper to assist with date/time conversions and formatting

COLDBOX-1179 New super type methods: getDateTimeHelper() getIsoTime() to assist with recurrent iso time conversions in modern APIs and responses

COLDBOX-1186 Add three environment location helpers in the controller and supertype: isProduction(), isDevelopment(), isTesting()

COLDBOX-1188 Request Context setRequestTimeout() method encapsulation, so you can control the time limit of a request

COLDBOX-1189 setRequestTimeout() mock in testing Request Context so handlers cannot override testing timeouts

COLDBOX-1192 Module Inception Isolation - every module has it's own injector that matches the module hierarchy

COLDBOX-1197 All rendering methods now accept a `viewVariables` argument that allows you to add variables into the view's `variables` scope

COLDBOX-1199 New request context method: `routeIs( name ):boolean` that evaluates if the passed name is the same as the current route

COLDBOX-1200 request context `getFullUrl()` renamed to `getUrl()`

COLDBOX-1201 request context `getFullPath()` renamed to `getPath()`

COLDBOX-1205 request context `event.getUrl( withQuery:true )` new argument `withQuery` to allow adding the query string or not

COLDBOX-1206 request context `event.getPath( withQuery:true )` new argument `withQuery` to allow adding the query string or not

COLDBOX-1207 New request context methods: `getPathSegments():array, getPathSegment( index, defaultValue ):string` so you can segment the incoming url path

COLDBOX-1208 Add `persist` and `persistStruct` to the `back()` method in the supertype

COLDBOX-1209 Add route names to resourceful routes according to conventions

COLDBOX-1215 this.moduleInjector enables modular injector hiearchy. By default it is false until ColdBox 8

COLDBOX-1216 New super type method: `getRootWireBox()` to get an instance of the root wirebox in the application


COLDBOX-1160 COMPAT: jsonQueryFormat has been removed in preference to "struct".

COLDBOX-1169 routes.cfm Support Removal

COLDBOX-1170 populateModel deprecated - refactored to just populate() in the supertype methods

COLDBOX-1187 Removal of uniqueUrls boolean indicator for URL routing, since Pretty URLs are now the standard. This rerouting feature needs to be removed.

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