What's New With 7.3.0

May 13, 2024

New Feature

COLDBOX-1270 Abililty to restart schedulers with a restart() method


COLDBOX-1268 WireBox Singleton auto reload now only affects app singletons and not core singletons

COLDBOX-1269 Do not add double headers if `event.setHTTPHeader()` is called more than once

COLDBOX-1273 Removal of deprecated CFML functions in core

COLDBOX-1275 Improved engine detection by the CFMLEngine feature class

COLDBOX-1278 Remove unsafe evaluate function usage


COLDBOX-1266 Logger for MS SQL using date not datetime.

COLDBOX-1267 Lucee only isEmpty function call

COLDBOX-1279 Render encapsulator bleed of this scope by engines

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