In this overview we will investigate getting started quickly and showcase how to build ColdBox applications by leveraging our CLI, CommandBox. To get started, open the CommandBox binary or enter the shell by typing box in your terminal or console. Next, let's create a new folder and install ColdBox into our first application.

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
install coldbox

CommandBox will resolve coldbox, download and install it in this folder alongside a box.json file which represents your application package.

Dir           0 Apr 25,2015 11:04:05 coldbox
File        112 Apr 25,2015 11:04:05 box.json

Info You can also install the latest bleeding edge version by using the coldbox-be slug instead: install coldbox-be

Mapping Installation

You can also install ColdBox outside of your webroot (secured) by just creating a global administrator mapping or a per-application mapping by adding the following to your Application.cfc:

this.mappings[ "/coldbox" ] = "/opt/frameworks/coldbox";

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