What's New With 6.6.1

February 17, 2022

Release Notes

ColdBox HMVC
  • COLDBOX-1093 Remove debug writedumps left over from previous testing
  • COLDBOX-1085 Fix instance of bad route merging the routes but loosing the handler
Minor Improvements
  • COLDBOX-1095 Update Response Pagination Properties for Case-Sensitive Engines
  • COLDBOX-1091 default status code to 302 in the internal relocate() just like CFML does instead of 0 and eliminate source
  • COLDBOX-1089 Update the internal cfml engine checker to have more engine based feature checkers
  • COLDBOX-1088 Switch isInstance check on renderdata in controller to secondary of $renderdata check to optimize speed
  • CACHEBOX-80 Bug in JDBCMetadataIndexer sortedKeys() using non-existent variable arguments.objectKey
Minor Improvements
  • CACHEBOX-81 JDBCStore Dynamically generate queryExecute options + new config to always include DSN due to ACF issues