Routing by Convention

The ColdBox default route is declared in the following file config/Routes.cfm:


The URL pattern in the default route includes two special position holders:

  • :handler - The handler to relocate to (It can include Package and Module)
  • :action - The action to relocate to or a RESTFul map (We will see later)

Tip The :handler parameter allows you to nest module names and handler names. Ex: /module/handler/action

This route can handle pretty much all your needs by convention. Any extra name-value pairs discovered in the remaining URL will be translated to variables in the request collection (rc) for you automagically.

http://localhost/general -> event=general.index
http://localhost/general/index -> event=general.index
http://localhost/general/index/id/2 -> event=general.index&id=2

// If 'admin' is a package in the handlers directory
http://localhost/admin/general/index -> event=admin.general.index 

// If 'admin' is a module
http://localhost/admin/general/index/id/4/page/2 -> event=admin:general.index&id=4&page=2

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