Common Methods

The base test cases all inherit from TestBox so here are a few of the common methods you can find in every test bundle CFC (

// quick assertion methods
assert( expression, [message] )
// bdd methods
beforeEach( body )
afterEach( body )
describe( title, body, labels, asyncAll, skip )
xdescribe( title, body, labels, asyncAll )
it( title, body, labels, skip )
xit( title, body, labels )
expect( actual )
// extensions
addMatchers( matchers )
addAssertions( assertions )
// runners
runRemote( testSpecs, testSuites, deubg, reporter );
// utility methods
console( var, top )
debug( var, deepCopy, label, top )
print( message )
printLn( message )
// mocking methods
makePublic( target, method, newName )
querySim( queryData )
getmockBox( generationPath )
createEmptyMock( className, object, callLogging )
createMock( className, object, clearMethods, callLogging )
prepareMock( object, callLogging )
createStub( callLogging, extends, implements )
getProperty( target, name, scope, defaultValue )