The Handler To Test

Let's use a sample event handler so we can test it:

component extends="coldbox.system.EventHandler"{

    // Default Action
    function index(event,rc,prc){
        prc.welcomeMessage = "Welcome to ColdBox!";

    // Do something
    function doSomething(event,rc,prc){

    /************************************** IMPLICIT ACTIONS *********************************************/

    function onAppInit(event,rc,prc){


    function onRequestStart(event,rc,prc){


    function onRequestEnd(event,rc,prc){


    function onSessionStart(event,rc,prc){


    function onSessionEnd(event,rc,prc){
        var sessionScope = event.getValue("sessionReference");
        var applicationScope = event.getValue("applicationReference");

    function onException(event,rc,prc){
        //Grab Exception From private request collection, placed by ColdBox Exception Handling
        var exception = prc.exception;
        //Place exception handler below:


    function onMissingTemplate(event,rc,prc){
        //Grab missingTemplate From request collection, placed by ColdBox
        var missingTemplate = event.getValue("missingTemplate");



Mocking Relocations

I can test this entire handler without me building any views yet. I can even test the relocations that happen via setNextEvent(). ColdBox will wire itself up with some mocking classes to intercept those relocations for you and place those values in the request collection for you so you can assert them. It creates a key called setnextevent in the request collection and any arguments passed to the method are also saved as keys with the following pattern:


Caution Any relocation produced by the framework via the setNextEvent method will produce some variables in the request collection for you to verify relocations.

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