The Base Proxy Object

Here are some common methods of our ColdBox proxy object. However, we encourage you to see the API docs for that latest and greatest.

Method Description
announceInterception(state, data) Processes a remote interception.
getCacheBox() Get a reference to CacheBox
getCache(cacheName='default') Get a reference to a named cache provider
getController() Returns the ColdBox controller instance
getInterceptor() Get a named interceptor
getLogBox() Get a reference to LogBox
getInstance(name,dsl,initArguments) Get a Wirebox model object
getWireBox() Get a reference to WireBox
process() Processes a remote call that will execute a coldbox event and returns data/objects back.
loadColdBox() Gives you the ability to load any external coldbox application in the application scope. Great for remotely loading any coldbox application, it can be located anywhere.
getRemotingUtil() Return a utility class to manipulate output and buffer

API Docs:

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