Hello World

Let's create a simple hello world app now where we say Hello World back to the world! Incredibly exciting! Just go back to your CommandBox shell and type:

coldbox create controller name=hello actions=index,echo

Here is the output of the command:

Created /Users/lmajano/tmp/myapp/views/hello/index.cfm
Created /Users/lmajano/tmp/myapp/views/hello/echo.cfm
Created /Users/lmajano/tmp/myapp/handlers/hello.cfc
Created /Users/lmajano/tmp/myapp/tests/specs/integration/helloTest.cfc

This will create the hello.cfc event handler controller in the handlers directory and create two action methods on it called index() and echo(). By default it also creates a folder called hello in the views directory and creates an index.cfm and echo.cfm inside of it. Finally, it will generate an integration test for your hello event handler inside of the tests/integration/helloTest folder. Wow! Pretty snazzy command!


* I am a new handler

    function index(event,rc,prc){

    function echo(event,rc,prc){


The two actions are already wired to display the appropriate views by calling the setView() method in the request context event object. However, let's change the index() action to just render out Hello World for us.

function index(event,rc,prc){
    return "Hello World!";

That's it! Let's run this puppy now!

Info The coldbox create command namespace has a plethora of creation and generation commands, check them out by typing coldbox create help

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