WireBox Namespace

Talk and get objects from the current wirebox injector

DSL Description
wirebox Get a reference to the current injector
wirebox:parent Get a reference to the parent injector (if any)
wirebox:eventManager Get a reference to injector's event manager
wirebox:binder Get a reference to the injector's binder
wirebox:populator Get a reference to a WireBox's Object Populator utility
wirebox:scope:{scope} Get a direct reference to an internal or custom scope object
wirebox:properties Get the entire properties structure the injector is initialized with. If running within a ColdBox context then it is the structure of application settings
wirebox:property:{name} Retrieve one key of the properties structure
property name="beanFactory" inject="wirebox";
property name="settings" inject="wirebox:properties";
property name="singletonCache" inject="wirebox:scope:singleton";
property name="populator" inject="wirebox:populator";
property name="binder" inject="wirebox:binder";

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