Core Modules

There are several core modules that are maintained by Ortus Solutions that will bring several enhancements to a core ColdBox MVC installation.

Info: They used to be part of the core ColdBox Framework before 4.0.0 modularization.

cbantisamy - OWASP AntiSamy

OWASP AntiSamy Module that provides XSS cleanup operations to ColdBox 4 applications

install cbantisamy

cbcommons - Common Utilities

A collection of model objects for your using pleasure:

  • DateUtils

  • FileUtils

  • JVMUtils

  • QueryHelper

  • Zip

install cbcommons

csrf - Cross Site Request Forgery

A module that protects you against CSRF attacks by generating unique FORM/client tokens and providing your ColdBox application with new functions for protection.

install csrf

cbdebugger - ColdBox Debugger

This module will enhance your application with debugger capabilities, a nice debugging panel and much more to make your ColdBox application development nicer, funer and greater! Yes, funer is a word!

install cbdebugger

cbfeeds - Feeds Support

A nice and fancy way to consume and produce RSS, ATOM feeds the ColdBox way!

install cbfeeds

cbi18n - Localization & Internationalization

This module will enhance your ColdBox applications with i18n capabilities, resource bundles and localization.

install cbi18n

cbioc - Third-Party Dependency Injection

The ColdBox IOC module allows you to integrate third-party dependency injection and inversion of control frameworks into your ColdBox Applications like Di/1, ColdSpring, etc.

install cbioc

cbjavaloader - JavaLoader

The CB JavaLoader module will interface with Mark Mandel's JavaLoader to allow you to do a network class loader, compiler and proxy.

install cbjavaloader

cbmailservices - Mail Services

The ColdBox Mail services module will allow you to send email the OO way in multiple protocols for many environments. The supported protocols are:

You can easily add your own mail protocols by building upon our standards.

install cbmailservices

cbmessagebox - MessageBox

A nice producer of flash scoped based messages that's skinnable

install cbmessagebox

cborm - ORM Extensions

This module provides you with several enhancements when interacting with the ColdFusion ORM via Hibernate. It provides you with virtual service layers, active record patterns, criteria and detached criteria queries, entity compositions, populations and so much more to make your ORM life easier!

install cborm

cbsecurity - Security Engine

This module will provide your application with a security rule engine. For more information visit the documentation here:

install cbsecurity

cbsoap - SOAP Helper

A module to help you interact with SOAP web services

install cbsoap

cbstorages - Persistent Storages

A collection of model objects to facade and help with native ColdFusion persistence structures.

install cbstorages

cbswagger - Swagger Support for ColdBox Applications

This module automatically generates OpenAPI ( fka Swagger ) documentation from your configured application and module routes. This module utilizes the v3.0 OpenAPI Specification

install cbswagger

cbvalidation - Validation

ColdBox sports its own server side validation engine so it can provide you with a unified approach to object and form validation.

install cbvalidation

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