Application Templates

We have a Github organization called coldbox-templates that has a great collection of application startup templates. You can collaborate with the existing ones or send us new ones to add.

CommandBox Integration

The coldbox create app command has integration to our application templates via the skeleton argument. This can be the name of each of the templates in our repositories or you can use the following alternatives:

  • Name of template in our organization: advanced,simple,super-simple,rest, rest-hmvc, vuejs, etc

  • A name of a ForgeBox entry: cbtemplate-advanced-script,cbtemplate-simple

  • A Github shortcut: github-username/repo

  • An HTTP/S URL to a zip file containing a template:

  • A folder containing a template: /opt/shared/templates/my-template

  • A zip file containing the template: /opt/shared/templates/

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