Interception Methods

There are several simple implicit AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) interceptor methods, usually referred to as advices, that can be declared in your event handler that the framework will use in order to execute them before/after and around an event as its fired from the current handler.

This is great for intercepting calls, pre/post processing, localized security, logging, RESTful conventions, and much more. Yes, you got that right, Aspect Oriented Programming just for you and without all the complicated setup involved! If you declared them, the framework will execute them.

Interceptor Method



Executes before any requested action (In the same handler CFC)


Executes before the {action} requested ONLY


Executes after any requested action (In the same handler CFC)


Executes after the {action} requested ONLY


Executes around any request action (In the same handler CFC)


Executes around the {action} requested ONLY

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