What's New With 6.4.0

ColdBox 6.4.0 is more of a major than a minor release due to the amount of work we have done to bring you one of the most revolutionary features of this framework: Scheduled Tasks.

ColdBox Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks have always been a point of soreness for many developers in ANY language. Especially choosing where to place them for execution: should it be cron? windows task scheduler? ColdFusion engine? Jenkins, Gitlab? and the list goes on and on.

The ColdBox Scheduled Tasks offers a fresh, programmatic and human approach to scheduling tasks on your server and multi-server application. It allows you to define your tasks in a portable Scheduler we lovingly call the Scheduler.cfc which not only can be used to define your tasks, but also monitor all of their life-cycles and metrics of tasks. Since ColdBox is also hierarchical, it allows for every single ColdBox Module to also define a Scheduler and register their own tasks as well. This is a revolutionary approach to scheduling tasks in an HMVC application.

You can learn all about them in our two sections:

Release Notes


  • COLDBOX-991 Fixes issues with Adobe losing App Context in Scheduled Tasks. You can now run scheduled tasks in Adobe with full app support.

  • COLDBOX-988 When running scheduled tasks in ACF loading of contexts produce a null pointer exception

  • COLDBOX-981 DataMarshaller no longer accepts 'row', 'column' or 'struct' as a valid argument.


  • COLDBOX-998 Convert util to script and optimize

  • COLDBOX-989 Add more debugging when exceptions occur when loading/unloading thread contexts

  • COLDBOX-971 Implement caching strategy for application helper lookups into the default cache instead of the template cache.

New Features

  • COLDBOX-999 New SchedulerService that mointors and registers application scheduled tasks in an HMVC fashion

  • COLDBOX-997 Added out and error stream helpers to Scheduled Tasks for better debugging

  • COLDBOX-996 newTask() method on scheduled executor to replace nameless newSchedule

  • COLDBOX-995 New scheduler object to keep track and metrics of registered tasks

  • COLDBOX-994 New Scheduled Task with life-cycles and metrics

  • COLDBOX-993 New async.time package to deal with periods, durations, time offsets and so much more

  • COLDBOX-992 Added CFML Duration and Periods to async manager so task executions can be nicer and pin point accuracy

  • COLDBOX-990 Allow structs for query strings when doing relocations

  • COLDBOX-987 Encapsulate any type of exception in the REST Handler in a onAnyOtherException() action which can also be overidden by concrete handlers

  • COLDBOX-986 Add registration and activation timestamps to the a module configuration object for active profiling.

  • COLDBOX-985 Rename renderLayout() to just layout() and deprecate it for v7

  • COLDBOX-984 Rename renderView() to just view() and deprecate it for v7

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