Upgrading to ColdBox 6

The major compatibility issues will be covered as well as how to smoothly upgrade to this release from previous ColdBox versions. You can also check out the What's New guide to give you a full overview of the changes.

Lucee 4.5 Support Dropped

Lucee 4.5 support has been dropped.

ColdFusion 11 Support Dropped

ColdFusion 11 support has been dropped. Adobe doesn't support them anymore, so neither do we.

Setting Changes

The following settings have been changed and altering behavior:

  • coldbox.autoMapModels is now defaulted to true

    • Which means that all your models will be MAPPED for you. If you have specific mappers in your config/WireBox.cfc make sure they override the mapping or turn this setting false.

  • coldbox.onInvalidEvent has been REMOVED in preference to coldbox.invalidEventHandler

  • coldbox.jsonPayloadToRC is now defaulted to true

The buildLink() method had an argument linkTo . It has now changed to to to provide simplification

SES Interceptor Removed

The SES interceptor has finally been removed. You can now remove it from your interceptor declarations. If you are relying on the SES interceptor for routing, then you will need to access the RoutingService via the following injection methods or retrieval methods:


property name="routingService" inject="coldbox:routingService"

Method Changes

getModel() Removed

This method was marked for deprecation in ColdBox 5 and now it is removed. You can use the getInstance() method instead.

WireBox Provider get() method to $get()

All WireBox providers now implement the new interface which has changed the method of get() to $get() to avoid proxying to methods that already implement a get() method. So if you are using the get() method just update it to the new $get() method.

property name="userService" inject="provider:UserService";

function getData(){
  return userService.$get().search();


The getSetting() method does NOT include a fwSetting boolean argument anymore. You can now use the getColdBoxSetting() method instead.

getSetting( "version", true ) ==> getColdBoxSetting( "version" )

announceInterception( state, interceptData ) => announce( state, data )

This method has now been deprecated in favor of its shorthand announce(). This method will still work but it will be removed in the next major version. So just rename it now. Also note that the interceptData has now changed to just data

announce( state, data )

processState( state, interceptData ) => announce( state, data )

This method was used in the event manager and interceptor service and has been marked for deprecation. Please use the method announce() instead. Which is also a consistency in naming now.

setNextEvent() Removed

The method setNextEvent() has been removed in favor of relocate(). We had deprecated this method in ColdBox 5.

Interceptor Buffer Methods Removed

These methods have been deprecated since version 4 and they are now removed.

  • getBufferObject()

  • getBufferString()

  • appendToBuffer()

  • clearBuffer()

Every interception listener receives the buffer as an argument so there is no need to go to global functions for working with the buffer.

function state( event, data, rc, prc, buffer ){


Interceptor Arguments: interceptData => data

All interceptors receive arguments when listening, we have renamed the interceptData to just data. The old approach still works but it is marked as deprecated. So just rename it to data

function preProcess( event, data, buffer, rc, prc )

## instead of 

function preProcess( event, interceptData, buffer, rc, prc )

System Path Changes

  • Default Bug Report Files are now located in /coldbox/system/exceptions/. Previously /coldbox/system/includes/

So make sure you update your CustomErrorTemplate path to this new path:

coldbox.customErrorTemplate = "/coldbox/system/includes/BugReport.cfm";
// to
coldbox.customErrorTemplate = "/coldbox/system/exceptions/BugReport.cfm";
// Or use our new template
coldbox.customErrorTemplate = "/coldbox/system/exceptions/Whoops.cfm";

Rendering Changes

The entire rendering mechanisms in ColdBox 6 have changed. We have retained backwards compatibility but there might be some loopholes that worked before that won't work now. Basically, the renderer is a singleton and each view renders in isolation. Meaning if a view sets a variable in it's variables scope NO OTHER view will have access to it.

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