What's New With 6.1.0
ColdBox 6.1.0 is a minor release sporting fixes and a few minor updates to make your coding life easier 😂.
ColdBox HMVC


  • [COLDBOX-920] - RenderLayout throws exception when called multiple times in single request with explicit view
  • [COLDBOX-921] - Adobe compat for null checks on exception beans
  • [COLDBOX-927] - Can't disable session management

New Features

  • [COLDBOX-928] - Buildlink's queryString can now be a struct and it will be converted to the string equivalent for you


  • [COLDBOX-922] - Whoops can be slow while dumping out CFC instances


  • [WIREBOX-82] - builder.toVirtualInheritance(): scoping issues
  • [WIREBOX-83] - When using sandbox security, and using a provider DSL the file existence checks blow up


  • [LOGBOX-53] - Direct console debugging is left in the AbstractAppender and FileAppender
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