Upgrading to ColdBox 7

The major compatibility issues will be covered as well as how to smoothly upgrade to this release from previous ColdBox versions. You can also check out the What's New guide to give you a full overview of the changes.

ColdFusion 2016 Support Dropped

ColdFusion 2016 support has been dropped. Adobe doesn't support them anymore, so neither do we.



The routes.cfm approach is now removed in ColdBox 7. You will need to migrate to the Router.cfc approach in your application and/or modules.

renderView(), renderLayout(), renderExternalView()

These methods are deprecated since version 6. Please use the shorthand versions
  • view()
  • layout()
  • externalView()

jsonQueryFormat Removed

The jsonQueryFormat argument for rendering data is now removed. We default to an array of structs format for queries as it is the only format that makes sense.

Utility Environment Methods

The core utility methods on env and Java variables have been removed from the utility object and moved to the Env delegate. Here are the methods removed:
  • getSystemSetting()
  • getSystemProperty()
  • getEnv()
So if you had code like this:
// Deprecated
new coldbox.system.core.util.Util().getSystemSetting()
That will break. You will have to move it to the delegate:
new coldbox.system.core.delegates.Env().getSystemSetting()


BeanPopulator Deprecated

The name BeanPopulator has been deprecated in favor of ObjectPopulator.