What's New With 5.3.0

ColdBox 5.3.0 is a minor version update with lots of fixes, improvements, performance enhancements and some nice new features. Below are the major areas of improvement and the full release notes. To update your ColdBox installation just leverage CommandBox: update coldbox



  • [COLDBOX-741] - Defining UDF as COLDBOX_FAIL_FAST no longer returns false

  • [COLDBOX-750] - Fixed typo(s) in call of function prePend() on routing

  • [COLDBOX-752] - base url not eliminating double slashes

  • [COLDBOX-756] - Setter for valid extensions is setting the wrong variable

  • [COLDBOX-759] - Cleanup the with closure on group routing to avoid leakage

New Features

  • [COLDBOX-753] - Add new flag to router: multiDomainDiscovery that can be turned on/off


  • [COLDBOX-742] - Add trimming to asset loader to avoid spaces on links

  • [COLDBOX-744] - InterceptorState + EventPool uses syncrhonizedMap that has locking issues: refactor to avoid these issues

  • [COLDBOX-754] - set initiated bit for ColdBox after modules are activated

  • [COLDBOX-760] - Performance improvements for interception registrations and discovery



  • [LOGBOX-32] - Add test and fix for adding a LogBox category after the fact



  • [WIREBOX-79] - Account for leading slashes in mapDirectory()

  • [WIREBOX-80] - Throw a nicer DSL error if ColdBox is not linked

  • [WIREBOX-81] - Performance improvements for the construction of transients