What's New With 5.1.2

This is a patch release for ColdBox


  • [COLDBOX-711] - HTML helper cannot add fontawesome icons in button due to XSS enabled by default

  • [COLDBOX-712] - ColdBox shutdown code that uses CF mappings for modules fails on fwreinit

  • [COLDBOX-713] - addAsset throw error when called from handlers


  • [COLDBOX-714] - Too many issues when encoding by default for HTML Helper, revert to non-encoded and provide ways to encode globally and a-la-carte

  • [COLDBOX-702] - Framework setting for the automatic deserialization of JSON payloads to the RC: jsonPayloadToRC

Automatic JSON Payload Setting

The automatic JSON to request collection feature defaults now to false to avoid backwards compatibility. You can easily turn it on via the setting: coldbox.jsonPayloadToRC

coldbox = {
jsonPayloadToRC = true

HTML Helper Changes

The HTML Helper has been migrated to an internal module in this release. It allows you to configure it via the following configuration settings in your ColdBox.cfc.

moduleSettings = {
htmlHelper = {
// Base path for loading JavaScript files
js_path = "",
// Base path for loading CSS files
css_path = "",
// Auto-XSS encode values when using the HTML Helper output methods
encodeValues = false

Injection Shortcut

You can also now inject the HTML helper anywhere using it's injection DSL Shortcut of @HTMLHelper