What's New With 4.2.0

Last updated 10 months ago

ColdBox 4.2.0 is a minor release that addresses several issues and introduces some enhancements. You can see below the release notes.

Release Notes


  • [COLDBOX-429] - Bundling Modules w/ module excludes does not respect excludes

  • [COLDBOX-453] - API docs have broken links

  • [COLDBOX-462] - adobe CF incompatibillty on restful template response object

  • [COLDBOX-463] - addAsset does not recognize urls that ends with say "app.js?123" as js, not css.

  • [COLDBOX-467] - fix for tomcat 8 not removing repeating slashes on path info

  • [COLDBOX-471] - HTML Helper's startForm() doesn't pick up if current request is HTTPS

  • [COLDBOX-474] - doctype default switch case was on the wrong type, thanks to Hector Cruz

  • [COLDBOX-475] - _counter does not increment in rendering query-based view collections

  • [COLDBOX-485] - Bean Populator not working correctly when ORM entity inherits from other

  • [COLDBOX-487] - Bean populator errors on null values in JSON string

  • [COLDBOX-490] - syntax and wrong argument type matching on exception bean object

  • [COLDBOX-497] - double forward slash generated in buildLink

  • [COLDBOX-509] - SES interceptor has poor query string parsing, updated to new algorithm

New Features

  • [COLDBOX-477] - Update testing docs for collaboration and update core for CommandBox development

  • [COLDBOX-483] - Add a test browser by default to the test harness

  • [COLDBOX-492] - Integration testing execute method has two new arguments: route,querystring to alow you to do SES route testing

  • [COLDBOX-493] - Added a memento argument to the populateModel method to allow for overriding of what struct to populate with instead of the request collection

  • [COLDBOX-494] - Added json,xml,query additions to the populateModel() method to allow for more populations from different types of data structures

  • [COLDBOX-498] - Update build process for DocBox and travis integrations

  • [COLDBOX-499] - Update and Cleanup of app templates

  • [COLDBOX-500] - Allow for applications with no ColdBox.cfc config, full convention mode

  • [COLDBOX-501] - new convenience method on testing request context to retrieve rendered content: getRenderedContent()

  • [COLDBOX-506] - Refactor app templates to their own repositories

  • [COLDBOX-507] - New context method: getHTMLBaseURL() to get a http protocol sensitive request context base url


  • [COLDBOX-191] - New setting directive viewCaching to turn view caching on/off

  • [COLDBOX-246] - Autowire remote proxies, changed to manual instead of automatic due to ORM issues

  • [COLDBOX-348] - Remove requirement to have at least one handler in your application for ColdBox to work.

  • [COLDBOX-472] - Update the documentation URL in box.json

  • [COLDBOX-486] - Support for german characters for slugify for HTML helper

  • [COLDBOX-495] - Load internal system modules first rather than last in module hierarchy discovery

  • [COLDBOX-496] - Error detail, message empty on CF10 CF11

  • [COLDBOX-503] - Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder for performance improvements on later JDKs