What's New With 4.1.0

Last updated 10 months ago

ColdBox 4.1.0 is a minor release that addresses several issues and introduces some enhancements. You can see below the release notes.

Release Notes


  • [COLDBOX-434] - Controller loc.args is referenced and not existing in pre{Actions}

  • [COLDBOX-435] - Module routing was not respecting package resolving within handlers

  • [COLDBOX-441] - onError handler doesn't work

  • [COLDBOX-454] - abstractFlashScope getKeys() doesn't work


  • [COLDBOX-425] - Modules that include applicationhelpers are incompat with modules.autoReload setting, add recognition

  • [COLDBOX-440] - Add x-forwarded-proto checks on isSSL() verifications to allow for proxy configuraitons

  • [COLDBOX-444] - Better locking naming technique to avoid server-wide collisions

  • [COLDBOX-455] - Ability to test ORM entities with base cases if loading ColdBox or using entity injection

New Features

  • [COLDBOX-430] - Update application templates to use new logo

  • [COLDBOX-448] - Add session and application timeouts to testing harnesses

  • [COLDBOX-449] - Create a new testing annotation to control if application should be teardown in integration tests

  • [COLDBOX-457] - Create REST application template for ColdBox