Test Annotations

Here are the annotations you can add to your testing bundle CFC.

Annotation Type Required Default Description
appMapping string false / The application mapping of the ColdBox application to test. By defaults it maps to the root. Extermely important this mapping is a slash notation that points to the root of the ColdBox application to test.
configMapping string false {appMapping}/config/Coldbox.cfc The configuration file to load for this test, which by convention uses the same configuration as the application uses. This is a dot notation path to a configuration CFC.
coldboxAppKey string false cbController The named key of the ColdBox controller that will be placed in application scope for you to simulate the ColdBox application. Used mostly on advanced testing cases where you have altered the default application key.
loadColdBox boolean false true By default the base test case will load the virtual application into the application scope so all specs can execute
unloadColdBox boolean false true The base test case will unload the virtual application from the application scope after all specs have executed.


component extends="coldbox.system.testing.BaseTestCase" appMapping="/apps/MyApp"{}

component extends="coldbox.system.testing.BaseTestCase"

Caution The AppMapping setting is the most important one. This is how your test connects to a location of a ColdBox application to test.

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