Running An Application

Now that we have created our application, our first event handler controller and actions, let's run it via CommandBox.

server start

The output of the command will be:

The server for /Users/lmajano/tmp/myapp is starting on type 'server status' to see result

This command will issue the startup of an embedded CFML engine on a port and open the browser for you running our application. This will execute the default event in ColdBox which is main.index and present you with a welcome page much like the one shown below:

Info The server namespace in CommandBox has some great commands to interact with the embedded server, so type server help to see all the help about the server namespace. You can change ports, SSL, rewrite rules, and a lot more.

You can now execute your hello world action by either clicking on the hello link in the Registered Event Handlers section or navigating to the following URL to execute the action: http://localhost:{port}/index.cfm/hello. You will notice there is no index in the URL, this is because index is the default action for events. However, you can add it if you like: http://localhost:{port}/index.cfm/hello/index.

Info ColdBox will parse the incoming URL route to form an executable event string. The default convention for the URL routing is /:module/:package/:handler/:action

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