Creating An Application

Now that we have ColdBox installed we can create our application. CommandBox and ColdBox come bundled with some easy to use application templates:

  • Advanced : A tag based advanced template
  • AdvancedScript : A script based advanced template
  • elixir : A ColdBox Elixir based template
  • elixir-bower : A ColdBox Elixir + Bower based template
  • elixir-vuejs : A ColdBox Elixir + Vue.js based template
  • rest : A RESTFul services template
  • Simple : A traditional simple template
  • SuperSimple : The bare-bones template

All these templates are stored in our Github organization: coldbox-templates. You can send us pull requests or create more templates if you like.

We will be using the AdvancedScript template to start, so go into CommandBox and type:

coldbox create app name=MyApp skeleton=AdvancedScript

This is what it will generate:

+ .project

Info Remember you can use tab-completion to get all the necessary input and arguments into the commands. You can also use the app-wizard command and CommandBox will prompt for all the options in a nice CLI wizard. Try it!

Tip You can also leverage the --installColdBox and --installColdBoxBE flags to create and install ColdBox in one command.

As you can see, it creates all the necessary folders for you to work with. We are now ready to start our application and spice it up.

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