Here is our service layer and we have added some logging just for fun :). Notice that this object is a singleton and has some dependency injection.

coldbox create model name=ContactService persistence=singleton --open

Then spice it up

component accessors="true" singleton{

    // Dependency Injection
    property name="dao" inject="ContactDAO";
    property name="log" inject="logbox:logger:{this}";
    property name="populator" inject="wirebox:populator";
    property name="wirebox" inject="wirebox";

    function init(){
        return this;

    * Get all contacts as an array of objects or query
    function list(boolean asQuery=false){
        var q = dao.getAllUsers();"Retrieved all contacts", q.recordcount);

        if( asQuery ){ return q; }

        // convert to objects
        var contacts = [];
        for(var x=1; x lte q.recordcount; x++){
            arrayAppend( contacts, populator.populateFromQuery( wirebox.getInstance("Contact"), q, x ) );

        return contacts;

    * Get a persisted contact by ID or new one if 0 or no records
    function get(required contactID=0){
        var q = dao.getContact(arguments.contactID);
        // if 0 or no records
        if( contactID eq 0 OR q.recordcount eq 0 ){
            // return a new object
            return wirebox.getInstance("Contact");
        // Else return the object
        return populator.populateFromQuery( wirebox.getInstance("Contact"), q, 1 );



Now, some observations of the code:

  • We use the populator object that is included in WireBox to make our lives easier so we can populate objects from queries and deal with objects.
  • We also inject a reference to the object factory WireBox so it can create Contact objects for us. Why? Well what if those objects had dependencies as well.

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