Implicit Views

You can also omit the explicit event.setView() if you want, ColdBox will then look for the view according to the executing event's syntax. So if the incoming event is called general.index and no view is explicitly defined in your handler, ColdBox will look for a view in the general folder called index.cfm. That is why we recommend trying to match event resolution to view resolution even if you use or not implicit views. This feature is more for conventions purists than anything else. However, we do recommend as best practice to use explicitly declare the view to be rendered when working with team environments.

component name="general"{

    function index(event,rc,prc){
        // call some model for data and put into the request collection
        prc.myQuery = getInstance('MyService').getData();    


Caution If using implicit views, please note that the name of the view will ALWAYS be in lower case. So please be aware of this limitation. I would suggest creating SES URL Mappings with explicit event declarations so case and location can be controlled. When using implicit views you will also loose fine rendering control.

Disabling Implicit Views

You can also disable implicit views by using the coldbox.implicitViews boolean setting in your ColdBox.cfc. This is useful as implicit lookups are time-consuming.

coldbox.implicitViews = true;

Case Sensitivity

The ColdBox rendering engine can also be tweaked to use case-insensitive or sensitive implicit views by using the coldbox.caseSensitiveImplicitViews directive in your ColdBox.cfc. The default is to turn all implicit views to lower case, so the value is always false.

coldbox.caseSensitiveImplicitViews = true

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