Funky Viewlets

ColdBox also allows you to have Funky Viewlets and yes that is a real technical term. Funky viewlets allows you to pass arguments to the runEvent() method calls so you can simulate normal method calls and pass extra arguments to the events. So let's make our previous viewlet into a funky viewlet:

function userinfo(event,rc,prc,boolean widget=false){

    // place data in prc
    prc.userData = userService.getUserInfo();

    // render out content as widget or normal procedures
    if( arguments.widget ){
        return renderView( view="viewlets/userinfo", args={ data = prc.userData } );
    } else {

What have I done? I have added a custom argument to my action signature: boolean widget=false. Then I split the rendering depending on this incoming argument. WOW! So how do I call my funky viewlet?

<div id="leftbar">
#runEvent( event='viewlets.userinfo', eventArguments={widget=true} )#

That easy! Just add another argument called eventArguments and now you can pass extra arguments to your event actions and cook up some funky viewlets!

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