Pre Advices

With this interceptor you can intercept local event actions and execute things before the requested action executes. You can do it globally by using the preHandler() method or targeted to a specific action pre{actionName}().

// executes before any action
function preHandler(event,action,eventArguments,rc,prc){

// executes before the list() action ONLY
function preList(event,action,eventArguments,rc,prc){

// concrete example
function preHandler(event,action,eventArguments,rc,prc){
    if( !security.isLoggedIn() ){
        event.overrideEvent('security.login');"Unauthorized accessed detected!", getHTTPRequestData());
function preList(event,action,eventArguments,rc,prc){"Starting executing the list action");

The arguments received by these interceptors are:

  • event : The request context reference
  • action : The action name that was intercepted
  • eventArguments : The struct of extra arguments sent to an action if any
  • rc : The RC reference
  • prc : The PRC Reference

Exceptions & Only Lists

You can fine tune these interception methods by leveraging two public properties in the handler:

  • this.prehandler_only : A list of actions that the preHandler() action will fire ONLY!
  • this.prehandler_except : A list of actions that the preHandler() action will NOT fire on
// only fire for the actions: save(), delete()
this.prehandler_only = "save,delete";
// DO NOT fire for the actions: login(), doLogin(), logout()
this.prehandler_except = "login,doLogin,logout"

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