Core Conventions

The core conventions delineate the contract between ColdBox and you for file/directory locations and more. Below is a table of the core conventions:

Directory/File Conventions

Convention Required Default Value Description
Config File false config/ColdBox.cfc The location of the application configuration file
Handler Controllers true handlers Where all event handler controllers are located
Layouts false layouts Where all layouts are located
Models false models Where all model objects are located
Modules false modules Where all modules are located that are tracked by CommandBox
Custom modules false modules_app Where non-tracked custom modules are located
Views false views Where all views are located

Execution Conventions

Convention Required Default Value Description
Default Event false main.index The default event to execute when no event is specified
Default Action false index() The default action to execute in an event handler controller if none is specified
Default Layout false layouts/main.cfm The default system layout to use

Let's get started with the Directory Structure

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