This element is used to define metadata about datasources used in your application. ColdBox does not register the datasources with the under-lying CFML engine. This setting is for documentation and easy usage of datasource information in your application.

datasources = {
    alias1 = { name="", dbType="", username="", password=""},
    alias2 = { name="", dbType="", username="", password=""}

You can add any key to the datasource configuration structure. You will then be able to retrieve it in your handlers/interceptors/models.

// Retrieve
getDatasource( "alias1" );

// Inject
property name="dsn1" inject="coldbox:datasource:alias1";

Info : Please note that the getDatasource() method is not available in your models. Models are isolated so you will need to inject them with the appropriate datasource structure using the coldbox:datasource:{alias} injection DSL.

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